Monday, December 12, 2016

Take A Risk!

This is not a motivation blog, yet no rejuvenation is completed without constantly challenging life. Holding such perspective may be against the current, particularly if you are living in a welfare-state country, where the direction of mainstream might drag you towards ‘’easy life’’. You have been looked after so well by the ‘’big government, big daddy’’, but I do believe such ‘’babysitting system’’ could be the hindering to personal rejuvenation, also the personal transformation.

But taking risk also means frustration, rejection, etc., are they part of the rejuvenation? I think it’s YES. After standing the test of adversity, you will be born again!
So if something sounds ‘’impossible’’, that means this is something you need to do. Challenge the impossible, that’s the only way towards rejuvenation!

Some of these amazing stories may be helpful: The unique design of Sydney Opera House has become one of masterpieces representing mankind creativity and imagination; however, back then, this entry submitted by the 38 year old Danish architect Jorn Utzon was just one of the rejected entries. If it’s not because another judge Eero Saarinen looking through all those rejected submissions, we will not be able to appreciate such beautiful architecture. In my eyes, Sydney Opera House is the best example of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s saying: ‘’Architecture is the frozen music; music is the flowing architecture.’’

Sometimes the ‘’unique thing’’ will be much easier to be rejected, authority has the ‘’standard’’ in mind, public also has the ‘’stereotype’’ in mind, in a word, ‘’most of people’’ are blind. Yes, this could be a drowning process to go through; it seems that every step that you move forward only gets you closer to the failure.

However, it’s just at this moment that you would have to hold on a little longer. Don’t try to fit in any standard which seems to be helpful to ‘’make you successful’’. I believe one thing for sure – only those things flowing from your heart, just like vine growing out of soil, could be something really unique. Why? Because ‘’being unique’’ also means ‘’being real’’, while if you choose to ‘’be real’’, then you would have to suffer, for a while.

So, take a risk, discover something unique, never bend down, never give up,
 be a new born baby every day!

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