Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How to wake up & live in a rotten and chaotic world (plus my personal cocktail recipe ‘’Dry Apocalypse’’ as home remedy)

After finishing the most sexy job in the world – unpacking, I decided to reward myself a cup of ‘’Russian Caravan’’, which I just discovered in my local supermarket. It is said this type of tea has absorbed the aroma of the campfire during the tea camel caravans travelling. Sounds really special! Especially with such description, well, we live in the world of rhetoric.

Anyway, what I truly wanted to write is something about morning. They say if you lose control of your morning then you may also lose control of your life. I believe so, particularly for a person like me who think ‘’make every day count’’ is vital. I have experienced a few different ‘’style’’ of morning, which I’d like to share as following:

Style #1 --- “Corrupted & Erotic Morning”

Usually my day starts from watching an episode of anime, which sets the tone for the rest of my day. This year, my day starts from FoxNews due to accidentally downloading this app to my android. This absolutely turns out to be a ‘’depressed distraction’’, because FoxNews seems to be the only media (U.S) doing journalism. And this year there is erotic plus corruption news for the Election!

We so-called “modern people” are quite voyeuristic, otherwise media won’t be interested in creating so many ‘’headline porn’’. On the other hand, modern people are often double standard.  According to Mark Zuckerberg, modern people “no longer have an expectation of privacy”, but I am sure he will not upload the photo of how he makes love to his wife onto Facebook. Subconsciously, everyone has that sort of ‘’natural idea’’ about the line between the public and the private life.

When the first time I heard that Hilary Clinton said ‘’Women’s rights are human’s rights’’, I’m very excited because I’m a woman, however...then... It seems nowadays not that many people care about ‘’corruption’’ or ‘’malfeasance’’, at least not the primary concern for many Americans? Is a corrupted government the ‘’default’’ mode run by the candidates?

Language is kind of prison. We live in such prison. That’s why some ‘’sweet’’ words will make people happy, particularly make women happy :D.; while some other ‘’nasty’’ words make people feel angry or insulted. In today’s world, so long as someone says something like ‘’I support minority” or “I support woman”, etc., then he/she can immediately win the hearts of majority people. I think, it’s just the way to please the public as…“political correctness’’.:D

I don’t really care about what sort of beautiful slogan or perfect rhetoric people are spreading, but when something has clearly gone wrong, I only wish to see a “no one is above the law’’ system. A couple of months ago, I bothered myself to sign the petition to ‘’Impeach Judge Persky for Bias Shown in Brock Turner Sentencing (that Standford Uni white male star athlete rape case) “ via white house government page, that judge is in California, and I’m in Australia, I could say it’s none of my business, but I think, the fight for justice is “sans frontier”.:D

“America is a hard country in which to sustain dishonesty and corruption because there are simply too many people with consciences that compel them to report illegality and the betrayal of the rule of law.’’ says Newt Gingrich on Foxnews. (“Newt Gingrich: Bigger than Hillary – The establishment cesspool of dishonesty and corruption’’) Wow, I hope it is true. Otherwise, dictators out there will be happy to say, look, democracy is falling because it’s totally unlike what they usually promote that ‘’no one is above the law’’.

This Presidential Election is quite entertaining though, no Hollywood screenwriters can write so many ‘’plot twists’’. This is an age of entertainment. Everything can be ‘’entertainment-ized’’, from football to politics, etc., having said that, is there still anything which can’t be ‘’entertainment-ized’’, such as ‘’justice’’?

It really doesn’t matter if America has the first-world airport, railway or highway, but if American system is truly ‘’rigged’’, America makes no difference to the world.

Style #2 --- “Holy Morning”

One of the trending issues is people can ‘’declare’’ he/she is a man/woman even without undergoing transgender surgery, and this makes me very nervous!! If a little thing like going to toilet would eventually bother me such an ordinary people, then I would have no idea how to live in this chaotic world. Imagine one day a man coming to ladies room and ‘’declares’’ he is a woman actually!

So I have been attending local church on a regular basis for a little while, even though I’m not a Christian. I also end up listening to some podcasts talking about spirituality or religious topics for my ‘’Holy Morning’’. And yes, I want to know how church views such issue on gender distinctiveness…

Then, enthusiastic fellowmen started to persuade me to follow Jesus….

Well, the kingdom of Christian God seems to be a ‘’warm’’ sanctuary for any people who is tired of real world. Seeing babies and kids crawling on the floor of the church, you would think this place is a heaven.

But, I happen to be an existentialist. And I reject the idea of heaven. Believing in heaven will make me less motivated in this life. When it provides you ‘’hope’’ after death, it turns you into an ‘’escapist’’ who is certainly unattractive. In fact, it is that sort of ‘’despair’’ feeling bringing out our real passion to this life. This is my one and only life, and perhaps today is the last day of my life, what would I say? What would I do? The authenticity of my life (this life) has to be validated by myself, and this ‘’me’’ is supposed to discover many possibilities. And yes, when this body was burnt to ashes, the soul may dwell in another body, but then there will be no ‘’me’’ again, not the same one again. This ‘’me’’ is so valuable and unique. In the real world, I can see many modern ‘’walking dead’’, these are the passionless “species” I will try my best to avoid. And “Existentialism’’ could be a little remedy for them.

I like what the Dalai Lama says, ‘’I believe that thinking only of our own comfort and peace to the neglect of other troubles in the world is immoral. The time has come for us to consider seriously how to change our way of life, not through prayer or religious teaching, but through education. Since moral education is sometimes only superficial, we need to devise a systematic approach to exploring inner values and ways to create a more peaceful world.’’

I’m still attracted to Christianity’s compassion, love, etc., But I am not that sort of person who plans to worship God regularly, not just because I’m not a Christian, but because it’s just not the way how I express my love. I appreciate the meaning of prayer, but for me, I believe love means action ---- I believe the first purpose of God is to send human to Earth to do something, and first of all, to use his/her given talent --- and I worried so much that if I didn’t use my little talent, the Lord will call me ‘’lazy servant’’ and  say “Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents. For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.”(Matthew 25:27).

Style #3 “Vibrant Morning ---- with anime’’

Such morning is absolutely my favourite one!! I would, from now on, try my best to get back to my old routine --- watch anime instead of listen to Foxnews. Anything in the anime is cute, and hopeful, but unlike the ‘’hope’’ that the Christianity is trying to say…The ‘’hope’’ in the anime, is something like you observe the world through kid’s eyes, so refreshing!!

It may sound funny but it’s true that I saved nearly ALL Hayao Miyazaki’s anime in both android and iPad, I need to carry them wherever I go, and I have watched Hayao Miyazaki’s anime for more than 50 times (each of them),…

To me, what I saved in my digital devices, is something called ‘’innocence’’. Such ‘’innocence’’ hidden in Hayao Miyazaki’s anime (while also in many other anime), is my firewall to the real world, without such things, I could have fallen apart.

You can’t compare Disney with Hayao Miyazaki and his Ghibli Studio, just like Hayao Miyazaki said, ‘’Disney is a businessman while I am a director”. He also said, he created all his anime with passion, not with ‘’professions’’. Disney’s production can please my eyes, but none of them can touch my heart. That’s why, for me, watching Miyazaki’s anime is almost like ‘’meditation’’ or ‘’healing therapy’’ ---- I’d like to imagine one day psychiatrists or psychologists will use anime in their different sessions for various treatment.

A well-known post-war French writer Francoise Sagan, wrote a letter to Sartre, “Ce siècle s'est avéré fou, inhumain, et pourri. Vous étiez, êtes resté, intelligent, tendre et incorruptible.” (a rough translation: “This century is insane, inhuman and rotten, but you were always intelligent, tender and incorruptible.”).These words can be dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki as well.

Takeaway #1 ----- A very sexy yet innocent scene in the anime “Gundam 08th ms team”:

Takeaway #2 ----- For how to wake up & live in this rotten and chaotic world, I have a very personal cocktail recipe ‘’Dry Apocalypse’’ to share:

Layer in order

Ingredient (1 person):
10 mls : Stoicism (‘’Iced Stoic Calm”)
20 mls : Existentialism (100% Authenticity)
10 mls : Christianity (“Crème de Compassion”)
30 mls : Hayao Miyazaki’s anime (“Dry Innocence”)
 2 mls :  Decadent (optional)

1, Pour the “Dry Innocence’’ into highball glass filled with ice;
2, Add ‘’100% Authenticity’’;
3, Followed by floating the ‘’Crème de Compassion’’ over ‘’100% Authenticity’’;
4, Finished by adding ‘’Iced Stoic Calm’’;
5, Top it off with a tiny dash of ‘’Decadent’’ if needed (optional), just to add extra aroma.

Enjoy my Dry Apocalypse cocktail! 

PS: I may come back for a better ''rhetoric'' and ''self-censorship''. 

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